Nikolas Klironomos


Nikolas Klironomos, painter and stage designer, was born in Athens in 1954.

He was admitted and graduated from the Higher School of Fine Arts  in Athens, having acquired a scholarship of the  State Foundation(IKY), under the well-known Panagiotis Tetsis and stage design under Vasilis Vassiliadis with stage award '80 and also full circle of Theoretical Courses, 1975 - 1980.

He has got a MEISTERSCEULER degree, HDK Berlin after getting a bursary of Higher School of Fine Arts (Hochschule der Kunste ) under Hermann Bachmann,which was a Mika Scouze legacy .

 He got a Degree in Harmony from the Greek Conservatory of Athens under Giannis Spyropoulos, 1980. Prize Pericles Byzantios  1981, a three year postgraduate scholarchip, '85 - '88  and  a selection of his work by UNESCO contest as a Greek participation of Greece in an  international competition in Paris 1992.

 He demonstrates large, rich, lavish  artistic  work consisted of 29 solo exhibitions and more than 100 participations in group exhibitions in Greece and abroad with references to that by significant Art Historians and Critics of Art as well as by specialized  on artistic  material journalists  in Mass Media. The chromatic tensions in his work, with evident influences from German expressionism, are combined with poetic and surrealist elements.

He has got long-standing educational experience In private and higher education from 1985 - 2021. Lecturer currently at Univercity of West Attica in the Department of Interior Architecture.

In 2003 he met  Mikis Theodorakis and  created  a series of paintings related to the first eighteen years of the great  composer comprising  the collective unity with the title “ His childhood… a journey" presented by him at Ekfrasi Art Gallery in Athens, 2007.

Scenery, costume  and lights designer  for various theatre performances,   having  cooperation with the B&M.  Theocharakis Foundation for the Fine Arts and Music , as well as designer of educational (Pedagogical Institute),  literature and  cultural issues  and creator  of artistic  objects as business artistic gifts.

His paintings  can be found in public and private collections, Galleries, Museums, Foundations  and in Greek Parliament.Permanent installation entitled " Take off " in the sculpture park of Skironeio Center of Kifissia. He is a member of the Board of the Skironeio Museum of Polychronopoulos.

He lives with his family and works in Athens.

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